Surely of us often important hp samsung that terlock FRP account googlenya. This is often us bisai when we buy used hp or hp stolen or who have forgotten password. Here Si Mas will share how bypass samsung galaxy device especially samsung device 2015,2016,2017 with Android OS 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 nougat.

The following Authors will Create a Way by Using Samsung J2 Prime with OS 6.0 Marshmallow. This method can also be used in All samsung galaxy.

Samsung Bypass Steps without OTG without Sidesync

  1. Download File apk Test DPC for its Bypass. DOWNLOAD
  2. Turn on the Samsung galaxy buddy who stuck on google account / FRP Lock
  3. Click Start on select language then connect to wifi and connect to the internet (MUST)
  4. After connection to the internet, Activate Talkback by pressing 3x fast Home button samsung (Triple click Home button)
  5. After active hp will talk to itself and will go into Learning Talkback view (After Talkback active then you must 2x click to select menu or click other, because Talkback own function for learning at function of menu function that exist)
  6. If the above view appears, click back and return to the Wifi view
  7. Next slide with the shape "L" from top to bottom until the settings menu appears as below and select the menu "Text -to-speech settings"

8. After Signing in to Text-to-Speech Setting, HAPPY !! Buddy is able to go into the settings menu and 
    freely to disable FRP.

9. After Go to the settings earlier, Please disable Talkback by pressing 3x home button quickly. So that 

    later not complicated again must click repeated clicks because Talkback

10. Go to main Menu Settings by pressing Back (<) On the top left of the screen.

11. To go to File Explorer. go back to main menu Settings> Devices Maintenance> Storage (down)> 
      Storage Settings> Explorer.

12. Next Install the apk earlier in the Download folder or memory card folder and install, and 
      Open after install

13. After Open Test DPC, click on the top and then click Setup> Aggree> Setup> OKE

14. After the above Setup process is complete. it will return to Explorer. Then Reinstall the DPC Test and 
      Open Back. But with a different setup is to select Setup manage profile then Setup> Delete> Agree> 
      Setup> OK

15. After Setup Process 2, Wait Until done and will exit from DPC and will Appear Finised Setup Window 
      then Select Add account, Next> Insert new Google account, Next> Enter Password> Accept> Wait 
      Login and FINISH Process.

16. SUCCESSFUL UNLOCK !!! , Then press the back button To Enter the Home Screen

That's How to unlock FRP Google account is stubborn Without OTG or Sidesync

Good luck !!!

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