The problem that sometimes arises on Canon IP2770 printer is Error 5B00, sometimes this problem can make the user emotion and raise blood if happened at the sudden time and at the moment neededactually the Error 5B00 problem can be overcome in a very easy and simple way

ie with software resetter Service tool v3400 DownloadSOFTWARENYA HERE

Please follow the steps below carefully: 

  • Plug the Printer with power (but do not turn it on)

  • Press the RESUME button for two seconds
  • While pressing the RESUME button, you press the POWER button until the indicator light is green
  • then you release the RESUME button (POWER button stays in state on tap)
  • and you press the RESUME button 5 times (remember 5 times, press-release press off press)
  • then release both RESUME and POWER buttons simultaneously
  • the indicator light will blink and glow green
  • usually the computer will detect the new device, but you can just ignore it

 How to use software resetter Service tool v3400:
  • Log into Service mode first
  • In the menu absorber clear ink counter select Main and then click SET on the right.
  • At the counter absorber menu select Main and then click SET on the right.
  • Then click EEOPROM. then the printer will print 1 page.